Luxe Deluxe Hyaluronic Infusion Facial 90 Minutes $290

The positive psychological and physiological effects of a facial are many, including:

*Significantly decreases anxiety & negative mood.

*Increases sympathetic nervous activity.

*Alleviates stress & Increases psychological relaxation.

*Reduces congestion by stimulating lymphatic flow and stagnant fluid drainage. *Promotes circulation of nutrients & removal of wastes

At Rajeunir we will assess & discuss your skin with you, then build your facial from a combination of the following:

  • Hot essential oil infused towels
  • Sebum Stimulating Steam
  • ATP gentle exfoliate
  • Extractions
  • Hydrating Anti Oxidant Serums & Masks
  • Hyaluronic Induction Therapy
  •  Organic Antioxidant Berry, Enzyme or Pumpkin Peel
  • Defined Brow Tint
  • Hydro Micro-Dermabrasion for gentle resurfacing
  • Blissful knot removing neck & Shoulder massage
  • Basalt Hot Rock Reflexology
  • Duel light therapy to ease congested skin
  • Broken Capillary therapy
  • Skin Rejuvenating Heal Lights
  • Infrared Therapy bed to relax your mind and heal your body

'On The Go' Mini Facial 30 Minutes $99

Time is Precious but so is your skin!
Rajeunir Mini-Spa Facials are designed to give your skin a relaxing hydrating boost for us time poor individuals.
You wont be at all short changed! Our experienced therapists can pull off impressive facial miracles during the time available.
Deep cleanse, steam, exfoliant,hot infused towels, neck massage & hydrating serums can all be compacted into 30 minutes!


'Peel Back The Years' Hydrating Anti-Oxidant Berry, Enzyme or Pumpkin 45 minutes $150

Hydrating  Anti-oxidant Berry Peel

The Derma Energy Berry Peel is a unique blend of 6 different berries;

  • Blueberry – rich in anti-oxidants and Vitamins A & C
  • Raspberry – rich in Vitamin C and Tannins
  • Macqi Berry – super fruit with anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Cranberry – helps dissolve and digest dry cells
  • Strawberry – rich in Vitamin C and Polyphenols
  • Bearberry – helps lighten and brighten the appearance of pigmentation
  • 15%  Mandelic Acid – helps regulate sebum production, unclogs pores and reduces inflammation
  • 15% Lactic Acid – helps to keep the skin hydrated and will improve signs of aging. It stimulated Collagen renewal and will firm the skin. It can also fade Hyper-pigmentation and soften wrinkles and fine lines
    Both the Berry & Enzyme Peels are free of Salicylic Acid, therefore they won’t create heat in the skin. They are designed to be more indulgent and luxurious

The Power of the Enzyme Peel

The DermaEnergy Enzyme Peel is a unique blend of fruit enzymes;

  • Mango – an anti-aging extract with skin rejuvenation benefits
  • Papaya – contains an amino acid that smooths skin & aids in cell regeneration
  • Pineapple – contains enzymes that inflammation and protein buildup beneficial for all types of skin especially pigmented skin
  • NB Peels should not be applied to topical skin irritations,Dermatitis or if you are pregnant.

'Hydrate & Inflate' Anti-Aging 60 Minutes $240

Demolish Dry, Spent Skin Cells

Rajeunirs Hydrate and Inflate is a luxurious facial. Lie back and relax as our skilled therapist takes your skin, mind and body to another place. As with all Rajeunir facials, your needs and concerns will be discussed so that your facial is tailored for you. Your therapist may recommend one of three exfoliants which will brighten and renew your complexion by removing dead, dry skin cells plus a Hyaluronic induction which will improve and soften the appearance fine lines and visible signs of aging and decongest your skin.

Our Hyaluronic Induction Therapy can be included in a luxury facial or a Medi-Spa Facial for our time pressed clients. Hot essential oil infused towels, sebum invigorating steam, exfoliant, deep neck and shoulder massage plus a targeted infused serum or hydrating mask following the Hyaluronic induction will improve the texture of you skin and leave it feeling deep cleaned, soft, plumped and hydrated.