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A Complete Facial Rejuvenation 3 in 1 Therapy.

TriBella is the most complete 3 in 1 facial rejuvenation therapy available from TGA| FDA approved & accredited versatile device, exclusively from Venus Versa.

TriBella combines the power of three unique treatments—a photo-facial treatment, anti-aging treatment, and skin resurfacing treatment—into one complete high-intensity, non-invasive skin renewal procedure involving three stages:

The Stages of the Tribella Treatment

Stage 1

PHOTOREJUVENATION: More commonly know as IPL (Intense Pulse Light) which treats benign pigmented lesions, and benign vascular lesions. This photorejuvenation treatment utilizes intense pulsed light (IPL) technology to deliver direct bursts of energy onto targeted areas of skin. The intense pulsed light used is selectively absorbed by the target chromophores—namely, hemoglobin for vascular lesions, and melanin for pigmented lesions.

Stage 2

ANTI-AGING/Lifting: Enhances collagen production to reduce skin laxity, soften fine lines, and fade the appearance of wrinkles. It uses the Diamond-Polar applicator, which is powered by (MP)2 technology—the combination of Multi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF) and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF). Multi-Polar RF produces fast and homogeneous heat in multiple tissue depths, resulting in superior clinical results and comfortable patient experiences.

Stage 3

SKIN RESURFACING or Radio Frequency, Nano Fractional Micro Skin Needling Improves the appearance of textural skin conditions such as acne scars and other scars, rosacea, uneven skin texture, enlarged pores, dyschromia, and pigmentation. It uses the specially designed NanoFractional RF applicator, which features state-of-the-art patented tip technology and one of the largest spot size in the industry. The precise amount of energy (up to 62 mJ) is delivered uniformly to each pin electrode. High energy density is distributed through a small footprint per pin (160 x 38 µm2), leaving sufficient intact tissue in between for faster wound healing, uniform post-treatment tissue appearance, and lower downtimes than many other devices.

Stage 4

Exclusively to Rajeunir. This stage involves the infusion of targeted sterile, anti-aging serums from Fusion Meso. These targeted serums combine a cocktail of active ingredients including growth factors & peptides to suit each skin type.

Stage 5

LED heal lights to enhance healing and reduce any discomfort, Rajeunir has incorporated LED heal lights as an integral stage of the Tribella treatment.
Light Emitted Diode (LED) Light Therapy is a deep penetrating, soothing skin treatment ideal for improving skin health & overall skin rejuvenation. Red & Near Infrared LED Heal Lights reduce inflammation and the visible signs of ageing and boost your skin’s healing response.

Stage 6

Again, exclusive to Rajeunir is the high performing Derma Energy Hyaluronic Sheet mask. This 20 minute mask has a calming and provides intense hydration to the skin. Further reducing signs of redness to ensure all clients skin feels cool & calm at the end of the Tribella a treatment.


It is not a painful procedure but you will feel different sensations. The IPL feels like a snap on your skin, the RF neck | Jowl tightening is totally painless and the RF Nano Fractional MicroNeedling feels like a warm prickle.

Your skin definitely heats up during Stage 3 however we apply cool cool compresses, then LED heal lights followed by a Hyaluronic Mask. These are important steps which alleviate any heat. You will leave Rajeunir with your skin feeling very comfortable

We recommend that for 12 hours not to put any products on your skin. After that you can return to your normal daily routine but avoid Retinol for 2 weeks.
Within around 3 days your skin will feel dry which is due to the micro scabs forming. Keep up the moisture. After 5 days your new skin will form and your skin will feel hydrated & supple.