Rajeunir is a new, luxurious skin and body care clinic located in the heart of Mosman. We are all about skin, body and wellness. We focus on achieving the results that our clients desire while nurturing them along their journey. Our skin treatments range from luxurious facials, organic peels to Radio Frequency skin resurfacing and IPLS using the latest medical devices available. Our body therapies include EMS body sculpting for stronger, more defined muscles and reduced fat, Bend Stretch Therapy for increased flexibility and our incredible Infrared bed for inflammation, anxiety, insomnia and aching muscles. We have a consulting nurse for cosmetic injectables and the latest innovations in non surgical skin lifting and tightening, PDO Threads. 

We are driven to help solve all our clients skin and body issues like, glaringly open pores, deep wrinkles, skin laxity, lumpy cellulite or angry acne. Attention to detail and customizing our treatments to suit individual needs in order to achieve significant results is also fundamental to our philosophy. 

We also understand that with the plethora of skin and body treatments and technologies available it is often baffling to decide which one to choose. At Rajeunir, we hope to eliminate this confusion. We offer our clients with the latest in skin and body technologies  available that are effective and truly deliver outstanding results.

To assist in this somewhat confusing skin tech world  we recommend a complimentary skin assessment appointment either in person or over the phone via face-time or text with photos.

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‘Revive your Skin’

  • ‘Luxe Deluxe’ Collagen Induction
    90 minutes $290
  • ‘Peel Back the Years’ Active Organic Peels
    45 Minutes $150
  • ‘Hydrate and Inflate’ Anti-Aging
    60 Minutes $240 
  • Our Gift to You..A beautiful IKOU
    Aromatherapy Candle

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Treatments In Brief

Skin & Body Therapies
Cosmetic Injectables & Fillers
Bend Stretch Therapy

Cosmetic Injectables
Dermal Filler
PDO Threads
PRP & Fat Dissolving



Rajeunir TLC Facials
‘Luxe Deluxe’ Hyaluronic Induction
‘Peel back the Years’
Berry, Pumpkin & Enzyme Peels
‘Hydrate & Inflate’ Anti- Aging
‘Clean & Clear’ for Congestion
‘On the Go’ Mini

Google Reviews

“Delivered amazing results…”
“Hyper-Pigmentation gone…”
“Brilliant Skin Resurfacing”
“Professional with great results”
“Rosacea problem cured”

Special Skin Concerns
Acne & Surgical Scars
Rosacea & Broken Capillaries
Wrinkles & Open Pores
Skin Laxity

Multi Phase Anti-Ageing Facial 

AHA Active Deep Cleanse
Liquid Hydroxy Acid Exfoliant
Sebum Release Steam
Diamond Tip Hydro Microdermabrasion
LED Collagen Induction
Essential Oil Foot Massage
Active Enzyme Peel
Vitamin B3 Skin Infusion
Peptide Serum & Revive Rich
90 Minutes

TLC Intense Hydration Facial

AHA Active Deep Cleanse
Liquid Hydroxy Acid Exfoliant
Sebum Release Steam
LED Collagen Induction
AH3 Hydrating Face mask
Essential Oil Neck Massage
Peptide Serum & Revive Rich
60 Minutes


Micro Needling Induction Facial

AHA Deep Cleanse
Micro Needling Collagen Induction 
LED Heal Light
Essential Oil Foot Massage
Hyaluronic Recovery Mask
C3 Serum & Revive Rich
60 Minutes

Mini Intense Hydration Facial

AHA Deep Cleanse
Liquid Hydroxy Acid Exfoliant
Sebum Release Steam
Hyaluronic ATP Mask
Essential Oil Foot Massage
Peptide Serum & Revive Rich
40 Minutes