Mole & Skin Tag Removal

The procedure

What can be treated?

At Rajeunir  we use the power of high frequency to cauterise unwanted skin tissue, such as medically approved raised moles, skin tags, thick keratoses, cherry angioma’s, warts and milia.  

Before any treatment, it is vital that any mole or skin legion needs is assessed by an experienced clinician.  High Frequency treatment would not be used to remove any mole or lesion which is at all suspicious.

How Does it work?

How are Moles & Skin Tags Removed ?

A targeted, high frequency is emitted through a fine wire allowing any unwanted cells (moles and skin tags etc) to be gently cauterised. As the procedure takes place, the skin legion turns whitish and over the next few weeks dries out and falls off.

This procedure is:

  • Safe and Successful
  • Virtually Painless
  • Precise
  • Inexpensive

Will I need more than one treatment?

What Happens Afterwards? 

Following the procedure, the treated area forms a scab which peels off after a week or so, leaving a pink patch.  The pink patch takes around a month or two to regain normal skin color.

Every mole we treat is different. It is sometimes hard to predict how many treatments will be necessary. We always advise our clients that most moles will require 2 treatments. Raised moles are easier to treat than flat moles. Flat brown moles usually have a brown mark underneath. Therefore, even when the mole is removed there will often be a faded brown mark remaining.

Due to the precision of the treatment only the desired area is targeted leaving the surrounded healthy skin untouched.

The treatment is virtually painless and the skin is left free from scarring.