Neck, Face Jowl Lift

Why do we despair about our necks?

Most women as they age complain about their necks. Neck and jowl laxity can start in your late 30s. It occurs when the layers of the skin underneath the surface of your face and neck loose their firmness. There a host of reason why this happens, like weight fluctuations, sun exposure and genetics which can all contribute to the break-down of the elastic tissue and collagen in these skin layers, causing the skin to sag.

What can you do tighten your neck and face?

Thankfully today there are good alternatives to neck and facial surgery which are non-invasive with no downtime. Energy based treatments like the Radio Frequency Venus Versa™ Diamond Polar  can significantly improve skin laxity on your neck and face.

Radio Frequency Neck Tightening with Venus Diamond Polar

How does the  Venus Versa™ Diamond Polar work?

TGA approved Radio Frequency Venus Versa™ Diamaond Polar delivers Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF) to produce uniform heat on the skin. This increases collagen synthesis and stimulates a natural healing response to contour and lift and tighten the targeted area. You will see a dramatic improvement in your skin and body, with no pain and no downtime.

Radio Frequency Neck Tightening with Venus Diamond Polar
Radio frequency Neck Lifting at Rajeunir Mosman

How long is the treatment and how many sessions are required?

Diamond Polar treatments take 20 minutes per area. So a face and neck treatment would take 40 minutes. To achieve long term results, dedication is required. Therefore a minimum of 4-6 treatments, one per week is required to see the desired result, which are cumulative.

The energy that the Diamond Polar Radio Frequency and PEMF deliver into the deeper layers of your skin disrupt your collagen and sends a signal that more collagen remodeling is required. This takes up to 3 months to occur so your results just continue to improve.