Em Body Sculpting is the only non-invasive, painless body contouring treatment available that reduces fat & builds muscle concurrently

* Builds Muscle
* Reduces Fat
* Strengthens your Core
* Reduces Cellulite
* Scientifically backed
* 2-3 sessions per week recommended
* Long Lasting results

Average fat loss 15%
Average muscle growth 16%
Average waistline reduction 4%

Optimise your Health & Wellbeing @Rajeunir_Mosman

Far Infrared Red Light Therapy  is a highly effective, non invasive, natural treatment, based on science, which activates a number of biological processes in the body.

The Far Infrared Red Light Therapy Bed @rajeunir_mosman treats the whole body while providing  numerous health benefits, including:

= Relief from Insomnia
= Relaxation
= Reduced muscle pain
= Reduces soreness
= Increases Injury Healing
= Decreased Joint Pain
= Increases Blood Circulation
= Anxiety & Stress Relief
= Post Active Sport Therapy
= Improves Overall Wellness