Targeted Mesotherapy

Targeted Mesotherapy Delivers Superior Results

No Needle Mesotherapy at Rajeunir is a natural and safe non-surgical treatment using a combination of two professionally advanced concepts: Light collagen stimulation therapy with the Viva Radio Frequency, Nano Fractional Micro Skin Needling to create microscopic channels in the skin. Then a host of sterile medical grade pharmaceuticals developed by Fusion Meso such as vitamins, minerals, growth factors, peptides and hyaluronic acid are infused into these micro channels.  This procedure delivers superior results to any legacy standard micro needling procedure.

The Next Generation In Targeted Skin Rejuvenation


Rajeunirs Fusion Radio Frequency (RF) Fractional Mesotherapy combines two concepts, the first being advanced collagen stimulation therapy via RF Nano Fractional Micro needling to create micro channels in the skin and the second, the introduction of vitamins, minerals, growth factors, biomimetic peptides, and amino acids into the skin to target specific conditions.

What is Mesotherapy?

Rajeunir’s  RF Fusion Nano Fractional Mesotherapy describes the infusion of targeted sterile skin cocktails during RF Nano Factional Micro needling for collagen stimulation, the results supersede any standard micro needling results. This natural and safe non-surgical treatment offers impressive results in the areas of hair loss, acne scars, stretch marks, acne, wrinkles, skin volume, pigmentation and assisting with general skin rejuvenation, brightness and clarity.

Loved by doctors and dermal therapists around the world, RF Fusion Nano Fractional Mesotherapy is a safe and effective alternative or compliment to chemical peels, plastic surgery, IPL and laser.

What is the procedure ?

Prior to the Mesotherapy Infusion the targeted area will be treated with a light Radio Frequency Nano Fractional Micro needling with the TGA accredited Venus Viva. This creates micro channels deep into the dermis into which the Fusion Meso sterile serums are infused. It is a painless procedure with no downtime. Your skin will be slightly pink at the site of the procedure for a few hours.

Is there any downtime?

Short Answer is NO. It is a painless procedure and there is no downtime. We do however recommend that no additional creams or makeup are applied for 12 hours following the procedure and that any active serums and creams ie. Retinol are not applied for 10 days. The Viva™ Radio Frequency Nano Fractional Micro Needling  treatment is the next generation in Micro Needling, it is a uniform, safe and  pain free treatments with little or no downtime. Both the face and body can benefit from this treatment. Radio frequency works by precisely heating the dermis, which creates a microscopic injury in the skin into which the targeted sterile Fusion Meso serums are infused, the bodies natural healing response is to create more collagen which means it can be used to treat enlarged pores, fine lines, deep wrinkles, rosacea, pigmentation, uneven skin texture, and scars.

Does the Radio Frequency Nano Fractional  Micro Skin Needling hurt ?

NO. For the purpose of Mesotherapy the RF Nano Fractional Micro Needling is light as our aim is to create micro channels in the skin. There is no discomfort.

What is included in the  Radio Frequency Nano Fractional  Micro Skin Needling Skin treatment with Mesotherapy?

Immediately after your RF Micro Needling with Mesotherapy treatment you will spend 20 minutes under the Omni Heal Infrared/ Red heal light which will significantly reduce any feeling of any facial heat.

Then a soothing and cool Hyaluronic Serum Mask will be applied for another 15 minutes. By the time you leave your treatment your skin will feel comfortable and hydrated.

Proprietary Mesotherapy Skin Cocktail Blends

The Meso Sterile Skin Cocktails are a game changer. Targeted for specific concerns, your chosen sterile serum will be infused during the radio frequency micro needling.

Anti Aging – Advanced Anti-Aging

Our most advanced anti-ageing cocktail includes a potent mix of 4 biomimetic peptides, 3 growth factors and hyaluronic acid to energise the skin, protect from free-radicals, reduce inflammation, control pigmentation, stimulate collagen and highly plump & firm the skin (up to a 50% reduction of wrinkles after 3 treatments). This promises to be the ultimate non-surgical face-lift on your menu.

Radiance Boost – Brightening & Pigmentation

Radiant skin is what we all look for when attending special events and occasions. Treat your skin to an instant boost of radiance with the Fusion Meso Radiance Treatment. This powerful blend of Vitamin C & E, retinol, peptides and growth factors provides instant radiance and hydration, bringing your skin back to life and helping to lighten dark spots and pigmentation disorders. Particularly beneficial for smokers’ skin or dull lifeless skin.

Acne & Oily Skin

A targeted treatment for congested, oily skin conditions and open pores. Blending the benefits of Canadian willowherb, Tri-peptide 1, retinol and vitamins B2-B5-B6 and C, ACN inhibits 5-a-reductase and P.acnes growth whilst also assisting to regulate oil production, reduce inflammation, redness and irritation.

Scars & Stretch Marks

Designed to restructure and regenerate the dermal matrix, this potent blend is recommended for the treatment of deep wrinkles, scars and stretch marks. The epidermal and fibroblast growth factors are acting in synergy with the Centella Asiatica extract and the hyaluronic acid. Growth factors act on stem cells, which stimulate the formation of new cells and increase cellular metabolism.

Redness & Rosacea

You will see immediate results 7 days after your first treatment and your skin will continue to improve.



Eye Contour

Address all concerns for this sensitive area in one product: eye bags, dark circles, wrinkles, flaccidity and dryness. Peptides and hyaluronic acid reinforce firmness, increase moisture and reduce wrinkles. Caffeine activates the elimination of liquids and reduces inflammation, while organic silica and vitamin C help to restore the dermal matrix to firm the skin. A unique synergy to achieve a beautiful, enlightened eye contour.

Perfect Lips

Perfect lips is a product dedicated to improving the definition, volume and colour of the lips. The volume and hydration of the lips are increased with the Hyaluronic acid and the acetyl hexapeptide-38. Meanwhile growth factor, ginkgo and mustard sprout extracts boost cutaneous blood micro-circulation to provide intense colouration of the lips.