Lymphatic Remedial & Hot Stone Massage

Lymphatic Relaxing Massage

Lymphatic Remedial Massage is a very effective and relaxing massage. Not only does it  focus on the parts of  the body that require rehabilitation like muscles, ligaments and tendons but it also gentle works on your body’s lymphatic system, which helps your body maintain proper blood circulation, body fluid balance and immune functions.

Your therapist will discuss your concerns prior to your massage. gentle lymphatic, remedial massage can be enhanced with additional Hot Stone Therapy for easing muscle tensions and relaxing the whole body $180

Deep Tissue Massage:

This technique focuses on working on the deepest muscle layers of the body and also the fascia. It consists of a series of specific, slow and deliberate strokes on the muscle, which are suitable for chronic muscle tension and postural imbalances.

In this way, it can act to provide the correction of Postural Imbalance (ie, upper and lower cross syndrome, scoliosis), chronic musculoskeletal disorders (ie, TMJ syndrome), low back pain, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Headache and Arthritis. $180

Lymphatic Facial Massage:

Is a combination of lymphatic drainage, with modeling massage (lift effect) indicated for the treatment of expression marks, bruises and postoperative. The benefits are to improve muscle tone and activate circulation in the face, making it look more youthful. $80

Hot Basalt Stone Massage:

This luxurious massage will leave you wanting for more. It melts away muscle tensions, eases muscle stiffness and increases circulation and metabolism. Truly divine! Basalt hot stones when coupled with massage also help expand the blood vessels which result improved blood flow throughout the body.

Hot Stone Massage also helps in releasing toxins & relieving pain. During the release of toxins movement of energy known as qi or chi is stimulated and in this way the effects of stress are eliminated and healing is facilitated. $220

Please Note: Hot Stone Massage are not suitable for persons who have high blood pressure, heart disease or who are on blood thinning medication.